The Email That Made My Day!

Posted on November 7th
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One of the first thing I do when I open my eyes at the morning is to grab my iPad and check my emails. This morning I received THE email I have been waiting for so long: IAMSocial has been approved! That means that you can now download it from the official WordPress Theme Directory.

IAMSocial, started a year ago, as a final assignment for one of my MMP class. With IAMSocial, I not only got an A as final grade, I also got the opportunity to start thinking seriously about developing themes for the community. Before, I used to create customized themes for each one of my projects and clients, like for Colectivo Piloto or MoRUS. With IAMSocial, I took my knowledge of WordPress development up to the next level. Developing themes for the community means making them abstract and flexible enough so that anybody can use them according to their needs. It also means to strictly respect W3C and WordPress standards.

This version of IAMSocial (1.x) will remain free because this is my first theme and it is meant for small business owners and entrepreneurs to download it and use it as they wish to promote their projects and hopefully be successful! However, I already have ideas for improved versions (2.x) with “premium” features that I could sell in the future.

I would like to thank my ex professor, Owen Roberts, to bring up such a great idea to my mind. Without him, I would never have thought I was able to take this step. This exercise taught me a lot more about WordPress development and about CMS in general.

While I am brainstorming for new features, please download IAMSocial 1.0.4 on Be kind and write a nice review or give it a 5 stars! Your support will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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